Dick Lamb

Dick Lamb

It was 1955 when Lamb broke into radio with a station in Baltimore while he was still in school and working part-time as bag boy in a grocery store.

Lamb, a father of five who is in good health at the age of 80, has been both a local TV personality with WTKR and WAVY and later a radio icon – first with WWDE-FM, where he presided over “The Breakfast Bunch” for 26 years, and later with The Wave.

Old-old timers might remember when Lamb was a Top 40 jock in the 1960s on WGH (1310-AM), a station dominant in this market for several decades, and still part of Lamb’s universe.

He will remain as director of operations with Max Media and will be heard on a voice track weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the recently re-launched WGH. That’s where Lamb in the 1960s was in a group of disc jockeys that included Gene Loving, George Crawford, Dale Parsons and Bob Calvert.

“You’ll still hear my voice from time to time,” said Lamb of reviving his relationship with WGH, which stands for World’s Greatest Harbor.