Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson is a household name in Hampton Roads. He has been broadcasting in this market for over 40 years, 30 of those years with Dick Lamb in morning drive. Paul, like Dick, is a native of Baltimore and a fan of both the Orioles and the Ravens. He and his wife Kathy live in Virginia Beach and have two children, Diana and Matt. Paul has many interests, including cars, motorcycles, photography, antiquing (he has a modest collection of vintage camera and radios), movies, and reading. 

At Home? Say “Alexa, open WGH Solid Gold!”

To get the Solid Gold WGH Skill click HERE. Enable Solid Gold WGH 97.3 HD2 Skill You can search for and enable skills in the Alexa app and from the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website. If you know the exact name of the skill you want, you can say, “Enable (skill name, i.e.…Read More

indoor play tent

Nearly 100 Things to Do While You’re Stuck in the House

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly given you lots of extra time in a house full of kids (or pets!) to entertain, having a mega-list of things to do at home can save you from lackluster days of not knowing what to do with yourself. Here is a long list of seize-the-day, fun things…Read More

Purina Pro Plan Releasing Cat Food that Can Help Ease Cat Allergies in Humans

In April, Purina Pro Plan LiveClear, “the first and only cat food that reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander,” according to Purina, will be available for purchase. “This breakthrough diet is the culmination of more than a decade of Purina research dedicated to finding a safe, effective way to address a problem that impacts…Read More


Yet ANOTHER Reason to Give Up Smoking

  A new report has confirmed that there’s science behind the term, “Smoker’s Face,” coined in the 1980s for how cigarette habits change one’s appearance. Smokers who looked older than their age had two genetic variants that non-smokers didn’t have, according to the findings published in the PLOS Genetics. Smoking cigarettes leads to yellowing of the teeth,…Read More

Christmas presents

You know it’s Christmas season when the Neiman Marcus catalog is out!

Fans of the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book featuring outrageous luxury items that most of us can only dream about will be thrilled with this year’s offerings. Despite the fact that for the first time all of the items listed this year are below $1 million, this year’s 93rd edition includes a diverse selection of fantasy items that will impress even…Read More


Real Men REALLY Wear Pink!

  As you may know, I’m part of the American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign to raise awareness (and $$$) in the fight against breast cancer. And to help me surpass my fundraising goal of $2,500 I issue this challenge . . . The day my fundraising reaches $2,500 I will dye my…Read More


Wait . . . money DOES buy happiness??

Regardless of life adjustments and pushy relatives demanding cash, winning the lottery really does make a person more satisfied. That’s according to University of Warwick economists, who gained access “to more winners with economically substantial winning amounts than almost any other study before us. “The sudden influx of cash had not only boosted satisfaction with income…Read More


Our biggest money regret last year was . . .

Money comes and goes; ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re funneling it into your 401k; sometimes you’re on a Saks spree, scooping up Prada pumps and champagne. We all have regrettable financial episodes in our past, and Student Loan Hero surveyed 1,000 Americans about this very conundrum. According to the survey, 83% of Americans’ had financial regrets from…Read More

Real Men Wear Pink – Solid Gold’s Paul Richardson

Like so many (too many) families, mine has been touched by cancer. I lost my mother to lung cancer and my daughter is a thyroid cancer survivor. I am happy and proud to be part of this effort to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society’s mission to save more lives than…Read More