Max Media is proud to announce the re-launch of the legendary WGH 1310 AM on July 28, 2017. WGH AM was one of the country’s first radio stations. It aired one of the country’s original Top 40 playlist formats. We’ve retained the original call letters, dial position and ‘50s and ‘60s hit music. It’s a complete restoration that will honor the original WGH, while creating a fun, new and exciting spot on the dial that offers timeless music complete with audio flashbacks and recordings.

Max Media owners and original WGH Personalities Gene Loving and Dick Lamb will play a vital role in bridging the gap between the original WGH and its restored version. Each have a significant on- air presence.

WGH is a Tidewater Icon and primary outlet of the greatest time in pop culture and music. No other station can match the history and heritage of WGH Radio. It was the #1 station for 18 years– From the beginning of Rock & Roll, Pop, and R&B Top 40 Hits spanning the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s.

WGH will be an audio tourist attraction & collectible for the ears…no matter where or how people listen… on air on Solid Gold 97.3 WGH-FM HD2, through our app or on our stream.

We hope that our listeners feel something every time they listen because the format is designed to trigger happy memories for most and new fun memories for others.

Tune in to the music listeners grew up with…on the station they heard it on… Solid Gold 97.3 WGH-FM HD2!