This Hotline Will Walk You Through Emergency Home Repairs During Quarantine

This Hotline Will Walk You Through Emergency Home Repairs During Quarantine

Although the normal day-to-day has been put on hold during the current coronavirus pandemic, the normal day-to-day issues still arise. Pipes still get clogged, roofs still leak, and breakers trip. And due to social distancing guidelines, handymen and maintenance workers are limiting their house calls. So, what is there to do when a minor emergency occurs? Simply put, there’s a hotline for that.

Sheltr, a San Francisco-based maintenance service designed to “keep your home running smoothly, avoid costly repairs and take the stress out of maintaining your home,” as the site reads, has moved their focus to the remote sphere. Sheltr is now offering free tele-maintenance video calls for if and when things go awry at home.

When you call for help, one of Sheltr’s Home Pros will walk you through the necessary steps to solve the problem at hand. Of course, you will need the necessary tools to get the job done—the standard Allen key set, adjustable wrenches, and cordless drill will hopefully do the job, as Sheltr co-founder Andrew Wynn told Domino. The Home Pros will stay with you on the phone with you to make sure the repair goes as smoothly as possible.

However, if your problem is more complex and requires a professional, you can still schedule a physical house call with a Home Pro via the tele-maintenance service. Because home repair professionals are still considered essential workers, many are still able and willing to come over to your home to get the job done.

To set up a virtual house call, head over to the Sheltr contact page and fill out your name, number, and email address. You’ll then be able to schedule a call with a Home Pro and begin the repair process.

(from Apartment Therapy)